The following brands are a part of the Special Crafts Group:


This cosmopolitan wake- and skiboat derives its name from the Russian sturgeon, the largest predatory freshwater fish in the world. The Kaluga is known for its beautiful shape, incredible speed and raw power. The design of the Kaluga, the eye for detail, the use of rich and luxurious materials, are obvious to those who have discovered the cosmopolitan side of the world city of Moscow. For all those who recognize themselves in the exciting combination of style and speed the Kaluga is a ‘must have’!



This ‘Aquatic Hummer’ is as powerful as it looks. The futuristic materials and shapes used, inspired by NASA and also found back in the stealth bombers, results in a speedboat with a powerful look but at the same time a lightweight hull enabling it to accelerate to high speeds within seconds. 



This classic American gentleman’s racer combines nostalgia with unprecedented speed capabilities. The Silverkey has its origins in the roaring ’20 of the previous century, the days of prestigious Gold Cup Races within the maritime gentleman’s clubs, that took place anywhere a maritime gentleman’s club could be found. From Chicago until the famous Keys in Florida, including Silver Key, famous for its beautiful white sandy beaches. The Silverkey Classics handles elegant and fast due to its powerboat engines. The classic lines make it a boat for competitive and classically  inclined ‘real man’.  Not outdated, but with the use of modern materials, making the boat maintenance free, without losing the rich classic appearance.



The Italian Valentino Classico is a classic sportsboat that easily combines refined quality, elegance and joy of life with top performances. Like only Sophia Loren can do. Therefore, the Valentino Classico naturally has it’s roots in the land of La Dolce Vita. Where through the centuries azure waters, Mediterranean temperatures and plenty of milk and honey have shaped the temperamental DNA of its proud people.